Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is one of the transcendent environmental issues of our time, and has the potential to exacerbate nearly every other environmental problem that we face. Moreover, the measures we must take to reduce it, such as improving energy efficiency and moving towards renewable sources of energy, would be large steps towards solving many other critical ecological predicaments.

Climate change is not easily explained, and our scientific understanding of climate change is constantly evolving. In the sections below, we attempt to distill volumes of scientific reports and data into readable, understandable explanations of climate science, policy, and impacts.


Climate science and impacts

Understanding the greenhouse effect, why atmospheric greenhouse gases are increasing, and potential impacts of climate change.

Climate politics and policy

The United States and other countries around the world have been addressing climate change for over a decade, but understanding the negotiations is not easy.


Climate and biodiversity

Conservation International has teamed with SafeClimate to explain climate impacts on species and ecosystems.

NewsRead the latest climate change news

October 1st, 2002
NASA links Asian brown cloud to climate change; United States lawmakers struggle with energy policy; carmakers experimenting with pollution and greenhouse gas reduction…more…

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