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Green Power Labeling Programs

To ensure customer understanding of commercial claims, non-profit organizations have developed green power labeling programs to help consumers. The Federal Department of Energy has developed the Green Power Network to provide news on green power markets and utility green pricing programs. These labels and information sources help consumers understand green power, and also inform customers as to the percentage of green power derived from newly built facilities versus already existing plants. This is important for ensuring the growth of new renewable supplies, not just re-selling existing supplies. Some green power companies offer various "blends" or offerings that may also include natural gas, hence, these are not 100% green power products, but still better if they reduce greenhouse gas emissions by shifting away from coal and higher percentages of fossil fuel power.

To learn more about labeling programs visit either Green-e, Power Scorecard, or the Green Power Network.

Power Scorecard Green Power Network

Green Tag Programs

Green tag programs are designed to allow consumers who are not in deregulated electricity markets to make green power purchases. Find out more...

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