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When Not to Use a CFL

How CFLs Work  |  When Not to Use CFLs  |  Choosing the Right CFL

When should you not use a CFL? The relatively high purchase price is least justified where energy savings are small - in fixtures that are rarely used. Focus your investments on the heavily used fixtures instead, such as where the lamp will be on for an average of at least a few hours each day. Most CFLs are not intended to be used with electronic timers or photocell sensors, and using them with such devices can significantly reduce their life span and cause other problems. In addition, as suggested in Choosing the Right CFL, don't use a CFL where it:

  • Does not fit the fixture
  • Is too heavy for the fixture
  • Does not produce the desired quantity or quality of light
  • Will be on a dimmer circuit, unless the bulb is specifically designed to be controlled by such a device.  
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