Success Stories

Interested in what others have done to reduce their climate footprints? We have lots of stories to tell about groups and individuals that have taken innovative actions to lessen their contribution to climate change.

Serving a side of social responsibility with your dinner, the White Dog Café in Philadelphia is unique in its strong commitments to the environment and local community. From food to renewable energy to community action, the White Dog Cafe provides a stellar example of how to exist sustainably and successfully in the food service industry.

You can find out about the truly path-breaking commitment made by ST Microelectronics, the first corporation in the world to commit to zero-net carbon emissions. See how this Fortune 500 electronics firm plans to meet its very ambitious pledge and save money at the same time.

Discover why Walter Simpson has become something of a living legend among energy professionals for what he has accomplished at the University of Buffalo. Many of the improvements he's made are deceptively simple - and could be easily emulated by other institutions, businesses, and even families around the country.

Read about the efforts and lessons learned by the World Resources Institute, a non-profit environmental organization based in Washington DC, and one of the sponsors of this website, to achieve zero-net carbon emissions.

Consider the bold steps Verizon Communications, a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm, has taken towards energy conservation and green energy procurement. Through the influence of Team Energy, a senior-level management group, two different systemic approaches to change have been implemented. One imposes standards and energy reductions goals from the top down and the other calls for grassroots leadership within the company, representing a comprehensive model for internal change.

Episcopal Power and Light is one of the most compelling examples we've found of a group trying to confront the moral challenge posed by climate change. Learn about the tremendous successes this religious group has already realized. 

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