Pledge for Businesses/Building Owners
The items in the categories below are all actions that your organization can take to reduce its climate impact. Please browse the actions to see how your organization can make a difference. If you would like to first calculate an estimate of your organization's carbon dioxide footprint, please visit the SafeClimate calculator. To keep track of the calculated footprint in your own MySafeClimate section, you must first register with SafeClimate. Once you are registered with SafeClimate you will be able to track your organization's pledges and carbon dioxide footprint over time, to see how actions taken reduce your climate impact. If you are already a registered user, please click here to log in so that you can track your pledges.

Take specific climate protecting actions...
Check each of the following items that your organization pledges to act on...


Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting System
Avoid and Eliminate Energy Leaks
Deploy Energy Efficient Office Equipment
Minimize Building Space
Consider Transportation Implications of Location


Encourage your employees to walk, bike, or carpool to work
Take advantage of discounted transit passes
Offer Commuter Check vouchers to your employees to encourage them to take mass transit
Procure alternative fuel and efficient company vehicles
Promote telecommuting
Reduce unnecessary air travel


Minimize your organizationís use of paper
Buy recycled paper products
Recycle the paper your organization uses
Communicate electronically
Switch to electronic news sources
Reduce your organizationís use of express or overnight mail
Purchase eco-friendly wood
Preserve forests
Plant trees

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