The items in the categories below are all actions that you can take to reduce your climate impact. Please browse the actions to see how you can make a difference. If you would like to first calculate an estimate of your carbon dioxide footprint, please visit the SafeClimate calculator. To keep track of your calculated footprint in your own MySafeClimate section, you must first register with SafeClimate. Once you are registered with SafeClimate you will be able to track your pledges and your carbon dioxide footprint over time, to see how your actions reduce your climate impact. If you are already a registered user, please click here to log in so that you can track your pledges.

Take specific climate protecting actions...


Properly Operate and Maintain Your Appliances
Conserve Hot Water
Buy Energy Efficient Appliances
Install Energy Efficient Lamps
Weatherize your house
Switch to a Clean Energy (Green Power) Supplier
Use Exterior Colors and Shade Effectively
Build, Buy or Rent Smaller Dwellings
Take Advantage of Onsite Clean Energy Sources


Walk, Bike, or Carpool Wherever Possible
Take Mass Transit Whenever Possible
Try Telecommuting, or Teleworking from Home
Drive Smarter
Drive a more Efficient Vehicle
Learn about Super-Efficient Vehicles
Reduce your Air Travel
Cut Down on Flying for Work


Minimize your Use of Paper
Buy Recycled Paper Products
Recycle the Paper you use
Communicate Electronically
Reduce your use of Express or Overnight Mail
Purchase Eco-Friendly Wood
Preserve Forests
Plant Trees


Eat More Plant-based and Less Meat-based meals
Consider Eco-Label Purchase Options
Eat Locally and Seasonally Grown Food


Reduce Consumption
Reduce Solid Waste
Encourage Others to Reduce Emissions
Consider the impact of your investments
Take Political Action
Keep Your Family Small

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