Action Letters

Tell your elected officials what you think
Become an environmental activist through e-mail and faxes. Send a message to elected officials and prominent leaders in the business community to take immediate action to reduce climate change.

How Action Letters Work
We'll hook you up with the appropriate legislators to automatically send an e-mail to. We'll provide pre-written letters you can edit or just send as is. Some legislators won't have an e-mail address so you can print and fax or snail mail it to them.

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E-mails and faxes can have a significant impact on the decisions of public officials and business leaders. For example, the USDA recently received over 275,000 comments — many thousands of them through e-mail — causing officials at the Dept. of Agriculture to considerably tighten up their proposed standards for organic certification. In March of 2000, the Sec. of Agriculture, Dan Glickman, announced that the changes in their proposed rules were "a living example of our democracy at work. The people spoke very loudly."

Speak loudly yourself. Send a message that you care about global warming, and want something to be done about it, now. You can edit these letters in any way you like, or write your own. Also, be sure to let a friend know about these alerts, so he or she can have an impact too!
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